CRUISING, THE BEST WAY TO TRAVEL!! From Mega Cruise Ships like the revolutionary design of Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas docked in their private port of call in Haiti here...
    to medium sized cruise ships such as Regent Seven Seas Mariner pictured here in Alaska....
    to the intimacy of this lovely river cruise ship operated by Uniworld on European waterways...
    Considered by many to be the very best way to travel and see the world! Unpack once and cruise from port to port while being wined, dined and entertained! Wake up refreshed in the morning in yet another port to explore! Mingle and meet others easily, or snuggle up in one of the many romantic spots that are purposely designed for exactly that! Spend much less typically than what you would spend for the same services (accommodation, meals, entertainment, transportation, etc.) on a land based vacation. Did I mention unpack only once yet explore several destinations? What’s not to like!!!

    There are several dozen major cruise lines, and dozens & dozens more smaller cruise lines around the world.  Such an overwhelming task to try and review the pros and cons of each, to try and figure out which one will provide the very best value and experience that you are looking for….

    Our cruise specialists have decades of experience and have worked regularly with the vast majority of reputable cruise lines.  It is precisely for this reason that our philosophy is to specialize in a handful of reputable cruise lines and focus on them exclusively to serve you better!

    Just as you would take your children to a Pediatrician instead of going to a General Doctor, or if your small business is doing so well that you wish to incorporate so you decide to consult with a Corporate & Incorporation Attorney as opposed to a General Practice Attorney; your mindset regarding specialization should be the same when it comes to your travel…


    For these reasons we have narrowed our focus down to the following extremely reputable, award winning cruise lines listed in the next column:

    UnCruise Safari Quest in British Colombia

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    Azamara Quest in Hamilton, Bermuda

    Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas; Aft End with Movie Screens

    Uniworld River Baroness, in Paris France

    UnCruise Safari Endeavour aft end Kayak Launch

    Silversea Silver Cloud in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    Silversea Silver Explorer in Antarctica

    Uniworld River Beatrice in Budapest, Hungary

    Regent Seven Seas Voyager in Norway

    Celebrity Solstice Aerial View

    Windstar Star Pride docked in the Caribbean

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    Oceania Cruises are in a premium niche right there along with Azamara in a tier that is above the mainstream cruise lines that are in the upper portion of that category, yet just below the ultimate luxury cruise lines such as Regent and Silversea.  With an excellent price point for all you get, along with what many consider to be the “best food at sea” no doubt due to the diligence of their esteemed Executive Chef; Jacques Pepin who has served as  personal chef to a couple of French Presidents.  Owned by the same company that includes Regent Seven Seas Cruises, now owned by Norwegian Cruise Line who lets them both run their cruises at the levels of luxury they have carved out a niche for, yet able to use the vast resources such as the entertainment facilities provided by their parent company, NCL.  This great arrangement has been favorable, with Oceania preforming admirably and adding a new ship to their portfolio, now at 6 ships ranging from about 700 to 1250 happy cruisers.

    For a fully-inclusive luxury cruise Regent is a clear winner.  Even excursions are included, along with large suites and the finest standards of service and amenities afloat.  Regent appeals to more conservative affluent travelers who are accustomed to the pampered attention lavished upon them.  Based out of Miami, operating since 1990 with four luxury small vessels that accommodate from 500 up to 750 guests, with a fifth ship being built to their specifications (due in 2020).   The all-inclusiveness of their programs is unmatched in the industry, priced accordingly.

    With 9 ships total, half of which belong in the luxury category including the brand new 600 passenger Silver Muse, Silversea Cruise Line has earned its place in the upper echelons of cruising.  High levels of services & amenities, mostly suites and tremendous attention to details has made Silversea synonymous with luxury cruising.  Appealing to an unpretentious mature crowd of successful clientele, the combination of all these features makes this a “must check out” for anyone looking for a fantastic cruising experience.  Their other ships offer expedition style itineraries on very nice but more rugged ships, offering amazing experiences in places like the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica to name just a couple.

    Almost 2 dozen beautifully appointed ships, mostly cruising rivers in Europe; along with Africa, Asia, and China.  Uniworld presents a very inclusive upscale cruising program.  Part of The Travel Corporation, Uniworld is a shining star in their portfolio that includes Trafalgar Tours, African Travel and Brendan Vacations to name just a few.  Well known for their high levels of service on board these ships with works of art rivaling those at many museums, Uniworld is an excellent choice for those who wish for high levels of service, cuisine and amenities at prices that are in line with what they offer.

    With a variety of expedition ships ranging in size from just 22 to 88 passengers, this cruise line is indeed the antithesis of a typical cruise, hence the name.  Their ships are well suited for their regions which range from Alaska to Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, from the Pacific Northwest including the Colombia & Snake Rivers to Hawaii (being one of the very few cruise lines that operate entirely within Hawaii).  Comfortable ships with nice amenities and great food & service, featuring the full range of expedition style adventure programs including well-versed naturalists, zodiac rafts, kayaks that launch from the rear of the ship while stationary (on some ships) and so much more.

    With 6 intimate vessels accommodating from just 148 to 310 passengers, this upscale yet casual company has sailed their way into the cruise business, literally!  Their first 3 ships are able to operate fully using wind power only, hence the cruise line name (they do have engines as well, used if needed).  Their vessel “Wind Surf” sports 5 masts, with very comfortable accommodations and excellent services and amenities pampering up to 310 guests on what is considered to be the world’s largest sailing yacht.  They have 2 other equally well appointed yet smaller sailing yachts accommodating up to 148 guests.  Fairly recently, Windstar purchased 3 motor yachts without sails from upscale Seabourn Cruise Line, to add more depth and capacity to their fleet.  An interesting fact; Windstar is owned by Xanterra Resorts which operates accommodations and restaurants at many of our National Parks.

    RCCL has been a major player in the cruise industry for years, having reached amazing levels of success based on their philosophy and commitment to service and innovative dazzling ships.  They have been successful as they do things right!

    Their primary mainstream line is Royal Caribbean, with about 2 dozen ships and interesting itineraries the world over.  These ships offer amenities, attractions and services un-paralleled in the industry offering cabins that appeal to even modest budgets, along with deluxe luxury suites with special services together on the same ship, consistently throughout the fleet.  Very family friendly, with award-winning children’s programs while cruising!

    One notch up is Celebrity Cruises, which offers even higher levels of service and amenities, appealing to a hip, chic well-traveled clientele with an even greater emphasis on food & beverage than their little sister, Royal Caribbean.

    Azamara is yet again one notch up, with 2 well-kept small ships that accommodate just under 700 passengers.  Large enough to offer nice stability at sea and a wide range of options for wining, dining, and entertainment; yet small enough to travel into off-the beaten path ports that others can’t reach.  They are well known for their fully immersive itineraries which offer more time in port than most other cruise line itineraries.

    Our specialists have seen time and again how sometimes the Matriarch & Patriarch of extended families can generously budget themselves for a vacation, however not all members of the family can budget the same amount, therefore these cruise lines are ideal for extended family vacations.  Those on a generous budget can be accommodated in luxury suites and have special access to amenities and private areas such as luxury lounges, spa retreats and other treats available only to guests in suites.  Other family members can enjoy standard cabins on the same sailing that are within lower budget levels, and ALL family members can get together in public areas, dining, entertainment and shore excursions as often as you desire!

    This is why we are including the Royal Caribbean family of cruise lines here within our focus and expertise, with our specialized services we offer to our clients.  Below is a bit more information on these excellent cruise lines.

    With a couple dozen ships and more on order, after almost 50 years RCCL has become a true leader within the cruise industry. Their family friendly ships are filled with so many activities and fun options, innovative and mainstream from terrific water parks to cantilevered Jacuzzi’s hanging over the side of the ship; from bars with robot bartenders to a crane lifting you hundreds of feet up and over the water giving you a birds eye view from above the ship.    In addition, enjoy a partnership with Dreamworks whereby on select cruises with this theme you will have their characters, interaction and special shows on board.   Well regarded all around, providing excellent food & beverage, service, amenities and great itineraries on board their many ships, Royal Caribbean is a great choice for active families and couples of all ages.

    Celebrity has earned a place in our Premium designation as they consistently perform at higher levels than their more mainstream counterparts.  With 9 ships ranging in size from 2,000 to 3,000 passengers, they may outwardly seem more like a mainstream cruise line.  Where they differ is the outstanding level of food & service provided.  Like many mainstream lines, Celebrity does not have many inclusions however when you take their base price and add the cost of items that are included by their more expensive counterparts you will find that Celebrity is an exceptional value.  Being a part of the Royal Caribbean “family” allows Celebrity to take advantage of their elaborate training programs and facilities such as their first rate entertainment production and their award winning travel agent reservation system.  Also of interest Celebrity has operated the 100 passenger ship appropriately named the Xpedition which has been operating week-long cruises through the stunning Galapagos Islands for years, and have 2 new smaller expedition style ships in service within the Galapagos Islands since January 2017.

    A subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, offering a higher level of comfort and service than RCCL and its other subsidiary, Celebrity.  Operating three small identical ships that accommodate around 700 passengers, they strive to maintain an ambiance of a “floating country club”.  High levels of service and cuisine along with purposefully longer stays with ample immersion into destinations, more so than most cruise lines.  Their small ships make it easy to reach ports others can’t, and combined with their immersion into those ports and including many amenities, Azamara Club Cruises has developed quite a reputation and strong following.

    Pearl Seas Cruises is a lesser known cruise line, starting service with their one vessel in 2014, proving themselves quickly in the competitive cruise industry. The Pearl Mist is a small ship accommodating 210 pampered guest in comfort and style in large (most are 300 sq. ft. or more) staterooms that are nicely appointed. Pearl Cruises has a philosophy similar to ours here at GO Enterprises; specialization in a handful of select destinations to provide the ultimate travel experience. We share a passion for Cuba, with numerous sailings during the best time to go; November through April.

    Cruisers rave about the high levels of service, and the in depth immersion into the culture of Cuba while in port, as well as while on board with lectures and authentic presentations of all kinds. If you are interested in immersing yourself into Cuba, we highly recommend that you consider Pearl Sea Cruises!

    Please note; as Pearl Seas has just one ship, servicing just one of our featured destinations we are not providing a full seperate page of information on them.  To see their full website for more information, use this link:

    We are extremely confident that these cruise lines offer best in class service & value within each category.  Yes, there are other cruise lines out there that have similar products and itineraries; after many years of making comparisons over and over, these cruise lines above come out on top as being the most favorable time and time again…

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