One can cruise virtually anywhere in the world, even landlocked countries on a river cruise which has become ever so popular.  Even if there is no river, ocean or sea touching the destination you seek to vist, a cruise vacation that comes very close, along with a land program before or after the cruise is an ideal way to have an immersive vacation at a great value.  For example; spend a few days visitng land-locked Machu Picchu in conjunction with a cruise along the coast of South America, perhaps the Galapagos Islands or even an Amazon River cruise.  Or, a few days on safari in East Africa after an Eastern Mediterranean or Nile River cruise.  With airfare and the time needed to fly to many remote locations, it’s a great value to pack in as much as you can into one vacation!

    The drop-down menu on this page lists sub-pages with further info about that popular region, with brief information on various destinations that are ideal for cruising and well serviced by the cruise industry, along with some corresponding maps.  You will find independent pages for; Alaska, Caribbean, Cuba, Hawaii, Europe and Trans-Oceanic / Re-Positioning cruises.  There are many other destinations, some more exotic, distant, yet all well worthy of your exploration.  Info on these other destinations are here below on this page.


    We hope this helps you with your travel planning, and we are always available to assist further any time. Happy Travels!!



    The destinations above account for the vast majority of cruises taken by North Americans, the marketing focus of this website.  You can cruise on all seven continents; below is some brief information on some other excellent areas great for cruising.


    SOUTH AMERICA has some fantastic ports of call on both sides of the continent; Pacific & Atlantic coasts.  Also, the mighty Amazon river travels though the rich Amazon Rainforest, with over 900 miles of navigable portions accessible by large vessels, and another 1400 miles that smaller vessels can cruise.  The Galapagos Islands offer breathtaking views and interaction with nature, cruising being the primary way to fully enjoy these fabled islands.  A cruise combined with a short land portion before or after is a great way to experience iconic places like Machu Picchu and Iguassu Falls.  Ushuaia, Argentina very near the southern tip of the continent is the typical starting & ending point for Antarctic cruises.


    ANTARCTICA as mentioned is a rugged destination that is accessible from South America, the cold and desolate continent offering a surreal travel experience.


    AFRICA, the mysterious continent is not heavily supported by cruise lines, however you can find some of interest.  The previously mentioned Mediterranean cruises can include Egypt and Morocco, and the might Nile River offers numerous cruises through some of Egypt’s fabled lands and iconic historical attractions.  The middle of the east coast is perpetually plagued by pirate activity near Somalia, so that area is not typically serviced, however the more stable southern portions of Africa do have a number of cruises (mostly upscale) available.


    ASIA is a vast continent which offers numerous itineraries on a wide variety of different cruise lines.   Hong Kong, Japan and China is well serviced.  Also, Singapore has become a major port with cruises to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.


    AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND are oft visited at the same time, however each is large enough and interesting on their own with ample ports of call.  If cruising Australia, be careful to choose the side of the ship that is facing the island.  New Zealand has two main islands, and both are quite narrow, so no matter where you dock it will be only an hour at the most to get into the center of the island on an excursion.


    SOUTH PACIFIC ISLANDS are absolutely gorgeous and spectacular!  Tahiti, Bora Bora, New Guinea, Moorea and more offer lush tropical beaches and rainforests.  These islands are well worth a visit, however they are considerably farther from the USA than the Caribbean; much more time and cost to fly here (roughly close to a day each way depending on your routing, and well over $1000) so for a shorter getaway of a week or less, we recommend staying closer to home and visiting the Caribbean, or even Hawaii.  If you have at least 10 days, an ample budget and have “been there, done that” throughout the Caribbean and Hawaii already, you should experience these unique islands!





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