Trans-Oceanic / Re-Positioning


    With the seasonality of some regions; such as the Mediterranean, Alaska, Northern Europe, etc. many cruise ships travel from one region to another to leave a region that is finishing up their season to reposition in another region that is starting to become busy.

    One of the primary routes of this nature occur twice a year when ships depart the Caribbean in the Spring after the busy Winter season to reposition into the Mediterranean.  Once again in reverse in Autumn, returning to the Caribbean for the busy Winter season.  Other examples are Alaska, with a short season running May – September, and Northern Europe having a season similar to Alaska.

    In some cases such as the Caribbean there are ships year round, with nice weather all 12 months.  The Caribbean is simply so much busier in the winter as hundreds of thousands of cold weather dwellers flee their brutal winters for much appreciated vacations.  In cases like Alaska, conditions are not conducive to visiting, so all of the ships depart at the end of the season and reposition elsewhere (from Alaska, an extended cruise down the Pacific coast of USA and Mexico, through the Panama Canal into the Caribbean.  Or, across the Pacific into eastern Asia, or the South Pacific).

    These re-positioning cruises offer unique itineraries at prices that are typically far lower per day than non re-positioning cruises.  Also, one may save considerably on airfare with a re-positioning cruise.  For example, cruising from the USA to Europe, and then flying home from Europe one way will save hundreds of dollars in airfare that you can put towards the cruise, enjoying Europe and a cruise for those with ample time to enjoy the cruise and some time in Europe.  Yes, many times you have multiple days at sea with few ports of call, however this is a consideration when determining prices, hence this being a fantastic value for cruise aficionados who enjoy the cruise itself.

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