Tour Programs

    Tour Programs are multiple night land-based vacations where your accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing are bundled up together in a comprehensive program that immerses you into a country or region. Typically a Tour Director travels along with you throughout the entire program, taking care of the hotel check-ins / outs, dining logistics, informing, advising and even entertaining the group of travelers along the way. A full sized motor-coach can accommodate around 50 travelers which is the maximum for most tour programs. Some more upscale tour programs use smaller vehicles, with group sizes of 16 – 24 or so. Tour Programs will make use of local professional guides who will step on-board your vehicle, take over the microphone and lead the driver through the city / town / region that they are from, know very well, and have experience guiding tours, sharing their knowledge and passion of the area. A nice feature of Tour Programs are that they are typically very comprehensive, handling most every detail from the start of the tour until the end.
    Price points vary, dependent on the star rating of the hotels and restaurants used mostly, along with the level of inclusion, areas visited and length of time spent. Some tours include almost every meal and comprehensive sightseeing daily while others include breakfast only and maybe another meal on occasion, and have plenty of free-time with “optional” excursions that you can pay extra for if you feel like doing so.
    This gives all different types of travelers the ability to select what is right for themselves. Some like plenty of free time to explore on their own, including restaurants and prefer a less expensive less inclusive tour program, others like to have most everything included. As you wish! The purchasing power of a group, even a small one keeps overall costs down tremendously, with discounted group rates at hotels and attractions, along with the cost of the transportation, guides and other services being divided by the entire group, bringing the “per-person” costs way down. Typically the tour program is priced with accommodations, meals, sightseeing and admissions to attractions all included in one price. Add-ons such as air, transfers and insurance are typically extra costs not included.
    GO Enterprises is proud to present two very reputable tour operators which offer a wide range of programs to an amazing variety of destinations. Our experience with these tour operators range from our experience with reserving tour programs with them for many many satisfied clients over many years, to actually working at the company, knowing it from the inside out and maintaining helpful connections and insider knowledge!
    Abercrombie & Kent consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty — and no A&K journey is complete without that extra, unexpected “and” that makes your experience unique and unforgettable. With expertise in not only luxury but culture, wildlife and history as well, Abercrombie & Kent reveals your destination with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company. So very highly regarded, award winning, second to none…
    The owner of GO Enterprises is a former staff member of A&K, working in various positions in operations and sales. Worked on contracted Tour Programs A&K arranged and operated on behalf of National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy, and other prestigious organizations. Ended in their Private Jet Division, which was eliminated when the global recession of 2008 occurred, with the $100K and up Private Jet trips no longer fashionable. Now working independently, using inside knowledge and contacts to present to you the very best value tours which offer fantastic service and travel conveniences certain to exceed your travel expectations!
    Trafalgar has a stellar reputation in the tour industry, hard-earned and well-deserved. Having recommended and sold tour programs to many travelers over many years, the high praise and even astonsishment shown by our clients at how fantastic everything was, far-exceeding their expectations has earned Trafalgar a place on our list of recommended Tour Operators!
    Trafalgar Tours offers an exceptional value to the traveler. When comparing to Abercrombie & Kent, you will see Traflagar offers tours to many of the same destinations, often with similar itineraries / points of interest. The main difference is in the caliber of the hotels and restaurants, size of the group and number of inclusions. Caliber of the Tour Director is typical equivalent with similar service, however with 35 – 45 travelers on a Traflagar tour vs. 16 – 24 on an Abercrombie & Kent tour typically, the ratio changes slightly. Trafalgar stays at 3.5 – 4.5 star hotels, with the same rating for the restaurants typically vs. 4 – 5 star hotels and restuarants chosen for Abercrombie & Kent tour programs.
    These are the primary differences which result in the price difference, along with number of meals provided. Transportation used is typically of fairly equivalent caliber. If you are fortunate enough to budget yourself enough to pay for the higher caliber programs provided by Abercrombie & Kent, by all means do so and enjoy! To spend less for a slightly less luxurious tour, the value of a Trafalgar tour program is exceptional!
    These hotel photos will illustrate this difference (Photo’s courtesy of each respective hotel):

    Aleyeska Resort – Abercrombie & Kent Accommodation Choice in Anchorage Are

    Marriott Downtown – Trafalgar Tours Accommodation Choice in Anchorage


    Baur au Lac – Abercrombie & Kent Accommodation Choice in Zurich

    Radisson Blu Zurich – Trafalgar Tours Accommodation Choice in Zurich

    The choice is yours, top of the line with Abercrombie & Kent, priced accordingly or very nice properties overall at a more modest price point with Trafalgar Tours. Here below are links to the main website for each tour operator. Feel free to check out their tour programs directly.

    Are you wondering why there is a page on Tour Packages on a website dedicated to cruising? A Tour Package can be an excellent addition to a Cruise Vacation, either before or after! How about spending a week or so on a guided sightseeing tour throughout spectacular Switzerland before embarking on your Rhine River cruise?  Or, at least a few days within the incredible interior of Alaska after your Alaskan Cruise Vacation ending in  Seward? Why fly home right away with so much more to see, and enjoyment to be had?  You spent time and money for your flights, maximize your vacation time fully with a Tour Package add-on before or after your cruise!

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