Travel Insurance

    Last on our drop-down list of Travel-Specials, but certainly not the least important is Travel Insurance. Perhaps the last thing on many travelers minds, can certainly be considered optional as opposed to other travel requirements such as air to get there, and transfers to get from the airport to the cruise or hotel, etc., but nonetheless very important!

    Travel Protection Insurance is becoming increasingly important. To protect your investment and be able to recoup any losses due to a last minute trip cancellation or interruption because of an emergency is great peace of mind for such a small cost. Perhaps even more importantly; to have emergency health insurance coverage while traveling, including medical evacuation, can be vital if your personal insurance company provides little to no coverage for you while traveling internationally.

    There are several prominent reputable Travel Insurance providers who offer similar products. When assisting clients we shop around based on your state of residence, ages, and trip parameters such as cost & destination.

    Our suggestions for your next steps regarding travel protection insurance;

    > Check with your primary health insurance provider if they cover you while traveling internationally. Many don’t, some do, and it’s easy to find out and save yourself some money. If your health is covered, then it’s less expensive to purchase basic Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance without paying more for health coverage.

    > To get pre-existing coverage which covers travelers & non-traveling covered family members you need to do so quickly, within 2 weeks (approximately, exact time frame varies by company) to comply with insurance company parameters.

    > In some cases, high-level credit cards provide some coverage for emergency health services and possibly cancellation penalty reimbursement. Always a good idea to check with the credit card issuer BEFORE you make a travel purchase to see if they do, to avoid paying for additional redundant insurance. Typically, ALL of your travel for that trip must be paid in full by that credit card to qualify.

    Check out this informative video from USA Today with an expert discussing the virtues of travel insurance:

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